With the new year, I (or rather WE) will begin another blog! This is something I have been been pondering over for a while in my head, when my husband actually said out loud exactly what I was thinking! I take this as a sign I definitely should be giving it a go! John will also be writing and posting articles to the new blog (his idea!). I think this is going to be FUN!

So after February 1st, I will be posting up another blog. I will still be posting my fashion blog, but I have so much to share and write about another subject, that it would just be foolish not to.

Stay tuned for the link, and new announcements!!

Today I also posted up my Sunshine Summer Dress on the Sugar Bee Crafts blog. Come post your creations, or just check out the goodies!

I am really excited about starting our new blog! This year begins a fresh start for my family, and now a fresh new blog 🙂

Have a wonderful day today!
Until next post,

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