Bikini Beach! feeling retro….

Here are two bikini’s that I made for Ciarra a while back. When I first made them for her, they had just a tad bit of room in which to grow. Now they fit her perfectly.
The first bikini pictured here is made from a sparkle paisley retro print. I love how her hair looks very “disco-70’s.” I feel it suits the style of this bikini rather well. The sunglasses and flower in her hair make for a very glam look. I made the pattern for this bikini as well. I think halter styles and triangle styles are very classic. They come back year after year.

 The next bikini here I call “The Marie Antoinette Bikini.” It is really feminine and pretty. I love the ruffle top and the bow on the bottoms. Again, I made the pattern for this bikini. I love making swimwear. I think it is fun! Ciarra loves shades of mint green and aquamarine blues. She picked the fabric colors for this bikini.

In reviewing some of the 2013 collections of my favorite swimwear brands, I noticed that the 1970’s influence is still in for this season.
Here is one of my favorites from Victoria’s Secret for the 2013 season:
As you can see this is VERY 1970’s looking!! 
While laying in bed one night, unable to sleep, I pulled out my ipad and watched a really crappy 1970’s film, that has a bikini almost IDENTICAL to this one in it! I think is is almost the exact same shade of blue. Here is a trailer to the movie I watched, and you get a glimpse of the bikini in it a couple of times.
WARNING…this movie is the ultimate in 70’s cheese! LOL

Here is another one of my favorites for 2013 from Luli Fama. I always end up purchasing one of these suits every year. They are expensive, but they look FABULOUS on.

I also was just recently watching some old “summery” retro commercials online with my kids. We  were cracking up over how styles and commercials have changed over the years. It is funny because when I watch these, they spur actual memories of my childhood and teenage years!  Do you remember any of these???
When ever I watch these I just think of how much SUNBLOCK I use!! Skin cancer is NEVER pretty.
And who doesn’t remember the Tab commercials?
YEP! I had this too!! I loved Centipede!
Oh how things have changed.
I remember these dolls. Only I had a Barbie that did this. I think it was a Malibu barbie???
I just bought a new serger, and I will be learning how to use it in the next few days. I have a coverstitch machine, and it is really easy to use. This one hopefully will be as easy to work. I will be using it to make lots of knit dresses, tops and swimwear. I needed it for this coming semester of school. I wonder what projects we will be putting together with it?
I hope you are having a happy and”sunny”day! Grab yourself a TaB, and some Coppertone, and have fun! LOL!!!!
(ps-I use hawaiian tropic! I am not a fan of Coppertone!)
Until next post,

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  1. With snow outside my door, it is hard to think of swim wear ;op First, your daughter is GORGEOUS! Second those suits are amazing. It is funny, I love knits, but I am terrified of swim fabric. You rock!

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