Good Morning to you from my beach house!

Yes..I can’t believe I am up this early! LOL

Ah yes…bodybuilder pancakes for breakfast! YUMMY

Nothing like some lemon water to start the day

Rise and shine everyone! it is time to tackle a new day!! And this is what I woke to early this morning…

Looks like I will be having a nice weekend!! And so, I wake early to get my butt in gear, and finish sewing my dress. I hope to shoot pictures of it this weekend out at a BEACH!
Our boat has been winterized, so we can’t take it out on the water, so we will do the next best thing, and go have some lunch at the beach.
Speaking of Beach…I have to mention my latest board on Pinterest that I have been working on. It is my “Summer” board. I have 762 pins on it as of right this moment, but I am sure that number will increase by the end of the day. If you would like to have a look just click HERE.
When I was following my husband’s Glympse that he sent me yesterday (it is our thing! He sends me a Glympse on his way home, so we can see where he is. My son loves it) I was also working on my Summer board. My son was standing by my desk looking at all the pictures I was scanning, when he announced,”Mom…we just need a beach house!” Then I replied “Son, everyone would like a beach house, but I think it is in our blood to have to live near the water.” He agreed with me. This subject has seemed to come up quite a bit lately in my house. Soren brings it up often, Ciarra need not say a word, I already know how she feels about it, and my hubby and I have discussed it relating to setting up our business, as well as where we would like to retire. I will be writing out some business plans here in the near future, and location has a lot to do with filling out the information.
Here are some of the beach house pics I was looking at on my board. We live 5 minutes away from the local boat launch right now, but in the future, we would just like to be able to walk out onto sand from our back door…preferably to a place like this…
This is just so beautiful to me…This must be Florida
ahhh! to sit and have my tea!! would you like to join me for a cup?

Very cool and very cape cod, or even right here!

Oh there is no question here…YES PLEASE!

This is so my thing…I need LOTS of windows and a grand room like this!

This is just too awesome for words

Again…need lots of windows! 

Yes..I would like to see this while I work in the kitchen


I like bright sea washed color…this has always been my thing. 

Have a dinner party here!


Welcome home!



This looks like Cape Cod …a choice on the list!

YES…I would like to nap here

modern awesomeness 

Florida…yet another choice? hhhmmmmm…

I would absolutely love to dine here!!!

And work at the computer here!

AFTER ALL…for my family…this saying is TRUE…
YEP…meet me here this weekend!

So we can do this!
have a little snack?

Just relax…

a wonderful lunch and bike ride perhaps?

This is so yummy on a warm day! if you haven’t tried it, you must! it is so good.

so relaxing and beautiful!
AHHHHH…..I am already relaxed just looking at these pics!!! I am having myself a mini vacation at my computer right now! 🙂
And then….I am back to reality….
I have to report that I made the “Quinoa Pizza Bites” from my clean eating board, and they were a huge hit!! They were very tasty. We each had six bites, and with the sauce it came out to about 320 calories. Not bad for a dinner for me. My husband topped his off with a protein shake, because he needs the extra calories.
Quinoa pizza bites from my Pinterest clean eating board.

So I am about to finish up my jasmine tea, and then head out to the home gym to hit the treadmill. Then it will be breakfast for me, and a whole lot of sewing!

I hope your day is filled with happiness!!
Until next post,

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