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I woke the other morning as usual, grabbed a cup of tea, and proceeded to go through my emails. In my Inbox was the latest BurdaStyle email, which included links to the “Best of December” projects and a link to the “The Pantone color of the year 2013 Emerald.” Ciarra’s faux fur jacket that I made was included in the best of December slideshow, and my Green wool jersey cocktail dress was included in the article about  “The Pantone color of the year.”

Best of December slideshow

Color of 2013 Emerald article

And here is my dress on the left. I like what they said about me under the photos! (my BurdaStyle name is Trploceanmoon)

To view the entire December Projects slideshow click HERE.
To read he entire “color of 2013 Emerald” Click HERE.

Yesterday it rained here. This is the most rain we have had in a winter since we have lived here. Normally it is quite dry, or if something is falling out of the sky it is snow! Unless there is a cold snap soon, I wonder if we will actually see any of the white stuff this year!? who knows.

We shot some pictures of two bikini’s that I created for Ciarra yesterday in our living room with backdrops and lights. I really like how the pictures came out. John and I will be working on them tonight. I hope to get them up later this evening or by tomorrow.

I also have a post in the works related to fitness and my new nutrition plan I have been using. As you can see from the countdown clocks on the upper right hand side of my blog front page, time is ticking away and before we know it, spring and summer will be upon us. I have about 94 days until I am on my vacation! YAY! We all want to look our best for a vacation/spring/ summer, so I hope my tips and ideas will be useful to everyone.

I posted my green wool jersey cocktail dress up at these link parties today. Check them out, or join in the fun!

It is time for me to grab another cup of tea! I hope you are finding your new year off to a fabulous, fashionable and fit start! 🙂

Until next post,

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