My Favorite Things…a few more things I love and collect

I thought I would blog a bit here about some of MY favorite things. If you read this blog regularly then you already know how I feel about bikini’s, the beach, boating, autumn, nice coats, and fitness. Here are some more things I am so in love with and have been collecting…


Fabulous Tiffany!!

I wish I had this!!

makes me wish I pierced my belly button! LOL

I love this!! great to wear on my boat!


I need to make one of these!!!


I absolutely NEED on of these!! I am so looking into buying one. This is on Etsy.

Paris likes anchors too apparently

again…belly ring love!

Another cute bikini top!


DAISIES….(because they remind me of my daughter! They were one of her first favorite things!)

This is SO CUTE! I love the bike too!


Have it…

And this….

These too…

and I LOVE my hoodie!

HAWAIIAN TROPIC PRODUCTS! it is just NOT summer without this smell!

And here is some with one of my other favorite things!

This is what we use religiously every summer!

AVIATOR SUNGLASSES…because they look good on my face shape…

If anyone knows where i can buy these, PLEASE leave me a comment below! I have been looking for these all over the internet!!!

 BARE TOES….yes! I love flip flops and anything that makes your toes look pretty!!

How to bling out your flip flops! the possibilities are endless!

These are so pretty


Love this…

delicate body chain

Love the bracelets and the bikini!

Candice is my favorite bikini model. I love what she is wearing!

For the boho chic look! 😉
CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!! but who doesn’t love these! I make them for the family with good dark chocolate every Valentine’s day and in summer!

SUEDE ROLLER SKATES! they are the best! I still have mine from when I was 16 and they are in great condition! I have logged hundreds of miles on them!

FLIRTY GIRLY SUNDRESSES…I have many in my closet! a must in summer!
For a warm spring day!

Great with a tan!

Lemony fresh!

Love these two colors together

so cute!



really adorable

sexy boho
flowy and pretty!
I really want this one!
And these are just a few of the things I love!
Tomorrow we shoot pictures of my new dress. I think it is really cute. I am about to go put the hem in.
It should not take but a few minutes. I will be working on another dress, in which I am making the pattern myself this time! It is a really pretty yellow color. It will be great to wear when I am in Florida.
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
Until next post,

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