Projects from the past, Workout tips, updates and link parties

I wanted to share some past projects that I have made through the years. These images and projects are all located on my BurdaStyle profile. The Leggings pattern is their Carol pattern, and they are super easy to make!

Skirt and knit top

Floral linen sundress

sweater dress I made the pattern for this one

peplum wrap top

stripe asymmetrical top and faux leather legging

I LOVE the way this outfit came out! I made the pattern for the top. I wore this to my reunion for the friday night mixer!

Burda dress I made almost 5 years ago now!

 Today I also linked up at two different link parties. Check them out by clicking the links below the icons.



Today I will be working a bit on Polyvore to come up with some spring/summer outfits. I combine the combos I create on Polyvore, with my inspiration files to come up with new designs and post ideas.

Today we have had snow flurries off and on all day. It is really strange when there is blue sky, and the sun is shining, yet there is snow falling out of the sky!! Odd indeed! We have snow in the line up for tomorrow, and then next week we reach highs of 67 degrees!! I hope to be riding my bike next week as much as I can!

My workout plan is chugging along, and is really effective. I love the changes I am seeing, and how my clothes are getting looser. When a certain pair of jeans I have becomes loose in the waist I know I am on the right track!
I NEVER weigh myself on the scale but once a month and that is when I take my measurements. Scales are BS. What matters is how your clothes fit. Are they loose? have you dropped inches off your waist and hips? then your program is working. If not, then calories need to be adjusted, and more intensity needs to be put into your workouts. For a while my weight did not change, but inches certainly did. As a woman our weight will usually fluctuate throughout the day, and also at certain times of the month…again, a good reason why the scale should only be visited once a month! I want to share with you one of my favorite issues of Muscle and Fitness from the past. I LOVE THIS ISSUE! I have kept it all these years because there are so many wonderful tips, recipes and advice all in one issue! I love the pictures too. One picture in particular has been on my fridge for a while now. I don’t know why, but this picture motivates the heck out of me! I love it.

PIC I LOVE! This totally motivates me!

Favorite issue of  all time. March 2003.


Just proof that you should watch what you eat, workout with resistance, and ditch the scale!

The snow was really coming down outside a few minutes ago. It is time for me to grab a cup of tea! I am cold!!

Have a wonderful afternoon!!
Until next post,

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