Some pictures from my Spring/Summer sewing inspiration files…

I just wanted to share a few of the images I have saved in my “sewing inspiration files.” As you can see I have my own personal style, and it is heavily influenced by the ocean, vacations, and feminine details.
My yellow dress is finished, and I will be shooting pictures of it this weekend. You might recognize a few design details in it from these pictures….

Love both dresses but really love the one with the hat


Vintagey cuteness!

Love the mix match pattern


great coverup!

You cant go wrong with a feminine flowy sundress!

I will always love this dress!

Citrusy fun

Burda pattern I like for summery coverup/dress

I love this dress, just don’t love the length! again this is a Burda pattern.

I have loved this dress for a long time!

Love the colors of the center dress. I think it is too long though

I love boho maxi dresses

Really cute wrap dress from the 60’s
Fabulous back!

This looks familiar to me!

interesting back detail

Love the back



Beautiful back
Fun and flirty!!

Great skirt! I can imagine this in multi-colors

Your basic wrap skirt. I have them in more than one length, and they are great for the beach or just wearing around the house!

Sunny Yellow Lace! LOVE

Fresh white eyelet!

Sailor shorts!

Romper for the beach!
I must have this outfit!! LOVE IT!
Cute top!
Great summer comfy pants!

Great colors!


two tone 

Making something similar for Ciarra

As I stated earlier, I am done with my yellow dress. I still have not come up with a “name” for it yet. I can’t wait to wear it while on my vacation, and all summer long. It is cute! I would like to make more of them in other colors as well.

It is sunny here, but really COLD. We have a chance of snow in the next couple days, and then guess what???? We will be back to 60 degree temps on Tuesday! What a trip! :-0

Do you have any “sewing inspiration” files saved?? I would love to hear about it! do share!!

Time for tea, and then back to work!!
Until next post,

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