2 of my favorite pre-fall 2013 collections

In reviewing some of the Pre-Fall 2013 Collections, two of my favorites are Temperley London and Alexander McQueen.

First up here are a few of my favorites from the Alexander McQueen collection. I would say it is like looking at “pilgrim meets vampire.” I really liked this collection. It is beautiful, badass, and hot all at the same time…

awesome laser cuts!!

Killer boots!

a little bit 70’s?


super cute


Sexy yet modest!

great draping

I vant to suck your blood!

And for a change of pace, here is Temperly London. I love this collection…here are a few of my favorites..


love the print



Love sweater dresses!


I love the details


Downton abbey??

Vacation…that is what this dress says to me

pretty and peachy. I love the sleeves

nice and sweet

I have to review a lot of collections in the next few months, so I will be posting more bits from my favorites as I find them.

I only have 12 credits left to complete for my degree (after this semester) and then I am done!! I am so thrilled! It will be quite a party for me next summer! LOL!!

I have to make my final patterns today for my godet skirt, work on my collection and paste pics into my spiral notebook, look through fabric samples and begin threading my serger! I have a lot of work today.

Until next post,

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