And so the adventure continues…

Yesterday I had a nice time with my family celebrating my birthday, despite the fact that it was POURING rain.
We had lunch at Dog Street again, due to the fact that the sushi place we were going to check out, is now closed!

We did a bit of shopping and then came home, where Ciarra made the most delicious cupcakes!
They were Cherry cake with Cherry icing.
My Birthday Cupcake
While we were out shopping I came across these…I have NEVER seen these before, and since it was my birthday, I figured I would give them a taste…
I am a little sad my birthday is over…because now it is time to get back to the daily grind of things…GRIND being the operative word here…This semester is literally kicking my ass.
I go to bed at night stressing my butt off, worrying I will not get all my work done in time. Who ever out there thinks that Fashion Design is some easy glamourous, fancy shmancy job, where you sip  Champagne all day, is SO DELUSIONAL. It is HARD WORK, and your brain is totally fried at the end of the day. Coming up with new and fresh ideas all the time is exhausting. Now combine that with having two kids, a home to up keep, fitness to maintain and showers to take,(which some times you have no time for…any mother can attest to this!) and then you have NO TIME EXTRA.
When I started my schooling I read a quote in a book, written by a famous fashion designer…and she said in regards to her fashion design career, “it takes over your life and you don’t have time to even work out”
YEAH RIGHT!…Maybe for her…but there is no job, no ANYTHING in this world that will EVER keep me from working out. I am NOT HAPPY or NICE if I am not feeling healthy. Perhaps some people will sacrifice health for the almighty dollar, but I am not one of them. HELL TO THE NO…My workouts are MY ONLY TIME to myself, where I get to care for me! I would not give that up for anyone…not even my kids. Without my health, I am not the best mom I can be.

This is true of all workouts, especially the outdoor ones!
Besides the workouts, something that lifts me up and keeps me going is the thought of my up and coming trip down south. I long to reconnect with my children and husband during some uninterrupted quality family time. No cares, no stress, No drama. Just good times.

This week for my classes I create flats and edit to final designs, and I also draft a classic shirt pattern, which we will be making over the next couple modules. I bought the fabric for the shirt yesterday, and again Ciarra will be modeling my garment, as I am ultimately making it for her.
Back to work for me….
Until next post,

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  1. Your comments on exercising are inspiring. I agree although I only get in two rigorous exercise sessions a week. That and I walk my dog everyday. Have fun on your upcoming vacation. We could use a little more sun this winter!

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