Cute!! Love this collection from Juicy…

Fall 2013 Juicy Couture….

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the fall 2013 collection….

This reminds me of my Starry Seaside Wrap Dress!

cute and casual 

Looks like my hat!!

My Style

In a few minutes I will be headed across the bridge to the fabric stores to look for some fabrics from my collection for school. I also will look for some alternate fabrics for the godet skirt.
I am hoping I can find something good to work with, considering the stores I am going to aren’t really that great for couture fabrics. I have to go up to D.C. For that, and my fabrics are due on Sunday! Not a lot of time left to pull it together.

So I am off! Have a great Friday!
Until next post,

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