Well it is really starting to feel like spring, which is making me really not want to be indoors anymore.
I have to admit something….I really don’t like sitting in front of the computer very much. It makes me feel drained. I would much rather be outside in the garden, on a trail, riding my bike or of course…on my boat!!

This morning I made myself a yummy breakfast, and sat down to watch the sunrise over Sunny Isles Florida. Here is what It looks like. You can find all the Miami Cams on Earthcam.com

Miami Webcams on EarthCam

My healthy breakfast. To get the recipe click HERE it is Thursdays breakfast meal 1 week one

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk around our street. It was amazing weather. The sky was so blue, and the birds were singing really loud. All the buds are about to burst on the trees. Everything seems to be getting ready for new life to appear. I can’t wait…warm weather means fun in the sun!!

Soren acting silly while running down the road

Some homes on the street off of ours

Hello Sun!

Amazing sky! The tall tree there was filled with really chatty starlings 

Today I continue working on pattern drafts. I have not even gotten around to working on my flats yet. I will be happy when this semester is O-V-E-R so I can get back to giving my hubby and kids my full attention. I feel everything is too scheduled right now. I hate that.

Have a wonderful day!

Until next post,

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