Always smiling, sweet as can be, and so very loving….That is my Soren. I can’t believe 9 years have already passed by! Where has the time gone? This is the last of the “single digit” birthdays for my little man. It makes me a little sad, but happy he is doing so well, and growing into such an amazing guy. I could not imagine a day with out seeing Soren’s smiling happy face in the morning. He is my sunshine!
Happy Birthday Soren Rune!! We love you so very much! xoxoxo


Soren wearing his daddy’s hat!

at the USCG Christmas party

getting ready to ride!

taking a break from riding on the beach

For his birthday Soren has requested Chocolate Malt Cupcakes. I found the recipe online. I will be substituting a few of the ingredients for healthier ones (like coconut oil for shortening, and reducing some of the oil with applesauce etc) We don’t need to be eating all that butter or unhealthy fats. I prefer coconut oil, especially with chocolate! it really brings out the flavor and the texture is awesome.
Here is the recipe I will be using as it is (without my substitutions) I found it on the “I wash you dry” blog. Here is the link:


I think the cupcakes will turn out yummy. I am going to smash the whoppers and sprinkle them on the top of the cupcakes, like yummy crunchy sprinkles. That way you get a little in each bite.

We will be going on a “Stebbins Family Adventure” today for Soren’s birthday. He wants to go visit some lighthouses. He says they “make him feel cozy.” He wants to walk along the beach and explore a bit as well. Then we will be coming home and having one of his favorite meals, ‘butternut squash mac-n-cheese.’ I have posted the recipe on this blog before. It is really yummy. Then the grandparents will be coming over to have cupcakes and sing happy birthday. It should be a nice day. 🙂
I hope you all are having a pleasant start to the week.
Until next post,

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