Me in my hat!

Today it is my birthday. To celebrate my day, the family is going to be taking me shopping, and then making me cherry cupcakes! YUMMY. I will enjoy the day and RELAX. I have a ton of school work to do this week, but today I will put it on the back burner so I can enjoy time with my loved ones.

This past year has been one of many changes, and decisions. I look forward to this up and coming year of my life, and what it will bring. Things only seem to be getting better the older I get. I realize more each day how precious life is, and how lucky I am to have my health and my family. I have much gratitude for my husband and children. They make each day a pleasure. They are the best gift I have ever been given.

Here are some pictures from my past. These are some of my favorites. I can’t believe how much time has gone by, and so quickly. Life really is a miracle. Make the most of the one you have. Be thankful everyday, not just one a day a year.

I believe this was Easter

chillaxin at my Gina’s house.

Me in green. bikini obsession started at an early age!! LOL
Halloween!! YAY

In my Grandparents back yard in Redondo Beach CA. I am sitting with my blankey! I still have it.

At Gina’s house at Christmas

Brownies. My Dad still lives on this street. You should see what it looks like now! Most of the houses are two story mega houses.

More girl scouts

With my bro Steve

One of my past Birthdays in Marin County, CA

With my favorite little man in the world! When we were in Salem, MA

At one of our old hang outs in Novato, CA where we used to live. Enjoying one of the best beverages in the world. GUINNESS!!

The loves of my life!! I love you family!

As I stated earlier, my family is going to make me Cherry Cupcakes. I saw this recipe weeks ago on Pinterest, and drooled. I just had to have this for my birthday! When I was in high school, there was a small deli across from my high school. There they sold these little angel food cakes with cherry frosting. I loved them! so yummy. This recipe, while not angel food cake, should prove to be quite tasty. We will be reducing the butter in the frosting and replacing it with some coconut oil and more reduced fat cream cheese. The link to the recipe is under the image:

CLICK HERE for the recipe

First up today will be a clean eating version of eggs Benedict! My husband rocks this recipe. If I am eating cupcakes later, there is no need to eat a bunch of other crap. After breakfast we head to Williamsburg for shopping and I think lunch (sushi! YUMMY) Then we will come back home to have family time and dinner (probably a salad with chicken or fish) and yummy cherry cupcakes.

I can’t wait to start my day!! I hope you have a good one as well.
Until next post,

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