Let it snow???

So on Saturday I was on my deck sunning myself with my husband and son. We had BBQ and got a little color.
On Sunday….this is what happened….

IS that SNOW????

My daffodils say YES
Definitely snow….
Its really coming down now!

Soren walking across the yard with his robe on! You can see the lawnmower handle! The snow kept the mowing from happening!

Big flakes

The driveway looking pretty white now!

A panorama of the street

Looking down the street!

 And here is some Video John took…I love it. So pretty!

Looking the other way…

My Neighbors made a snowman! LOL!

I am just so surprised we went from warmer temps, to snow in a matter of hours. And here is what the weather looks like for the next 10 days here…

Wild and wacky weather for sure!!!!

The next 13 days are going to be extremely busy for me. I have “double duty” work to do for school, as I want to get the work done for the time I will be out of town. So I have more than one module for each class to complete in the next few days…yikes. Oh well! It will be worth it! 🙂 I will be more able to relax and not worry about what I am missing when I am with my family. I just want to have a nice time.

I can’t believe this is the last week of March! How amazing. Time is just flying by. I have shopping for Soren to do (he needs shorts!) Little boys grow quickly! Almost all the clothing he wore last spring, is too small for him. I also need to begin packing. I like to edit stuff down, and for this trip I don’t want to take a lot of stuff. I just don’t feel like it. Bikini’s, shorts, a few sundresses and a hoodie is all I want to take (along with a few other essentials of course.) The less fabric something has, means the smaller the bag I can take. YAY.

I need to finish up my tea, and begin my work. Fun, fun ,fun!

I hope you have a wonderful week, and if you live on the east coast, please be careful driving, and keep warm!
Until next post,

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