When we woke this morning, we had forgotten that it was daylight savings time! LOL! It was now an hour ahead of what we thought it was.

Today the weather outside looks amazing, and so my family and I will take a trip over to York River State Park to do some mountain biking.

How it looks at the back of my property today

When it gets like this outside, I get super excited..like back when I was younger in school, and summer was just around the corner. I could not wait to spend time at the beach with my friends.
Fast Forward 20 some years and once again, I am in school and looking forward to summer!! LOL!
Funny how sometimes history repeats itself.

Despite the stress of classes, and trying to juggle kids, and home, I am at a point in my life where I feel very contented. I feel very satisfied and excited for things to come.
Life is good…you never know how long yours will be, so live it to the fullest. Challenge yourself everyday to be the best you can be, and there is no telling where you might go…you just might surprise yourself 🙂

When I was in the fabric store two weeks ago, I saw this pattern sitting on the counter in a display rack. I thought it would be perfect to make for Ciarra this summer!  I also am planning on making a similar dress to this one, of my own design (with a different cut out shape in the back and changes to the front of the bodice) I think this will look really cute on Ciarra. I will be making hers out of a cotton, and not the lace.

I love things with cut outs on the back, like my Summer Sunshine Dress. I am so going to make another one of these to throw on over my bikini on boat days.

I need to get some break…no wait…BRUNCH and then head out the door with the family for some biking fun. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the trees. Getting out on days like this are so good for the soul. They help us to get through tough days when the work is piled up to eye level. I will always have goals in my life and things I want to accomplish. It is just part of who I am. If someone doesn’t like that about me, well here is what I have to say to them…

Time to enjoy some beautiful weather, and get a sweat going!! I can’t wait!!

 Until next post,
Have a most amazing weekend!

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