Updates on my design project Blumarine/Marie Antoinette

I have been very busy working on my next collection for project 2 in my design class. For this project you have to design for a label, and choose a movie as your “jumping off point” for your inspiration. The label I am designing for is Blumarine, and my movie is Marie Antoinette.

Blumarine 2013

Love this dress!!

My inspiration

And this is the main color I have picked for my collection. I LOVE PINK!!!

Blumarine is a very FUN and FEMININE label!! It is VERY ME. I love the color pink, and so does Anna Molinari.

Anna Molinari



I want this dress!!

Love the Ombre!

I have a lot more croquis to work on today. I need to get my project done early, as I will be out of town when it is due.
I wish I had a huge bank account, because I would be at Blumarine right now buying up all these clothes! So pretty!! Here are some more spring/Summer clothes from Blumarine…

Coral, black and white! YES!


This is from the beachwear line…I love the shorts

You can really see how the feminine styling of Blumarine will work well with Marie Antoinette. I love all of Anna’s designs. They are fabulous!!

Time for me to get back to work! Have a great week!
Until next post,

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