3 and a half weeks left to go!!!

It’s almost time to begin my summer break. I have three and a half weeks left to go, and two big projects to finish up. I look forward to having all my time back to do with what I like, however….many things are in the works, and this summer break looks like it will be a busy one to say the least.

First, I am going to be making a few things, which I will be selling. I will most likely be putting these up on Etsy. Depending on how well these garments move, I will be then moving my business to my own shop, on my own website. 
Second, my family and I have started our house hunting search. We have found a couple of neighborhoods that we are really interested in, and we have looked at a couple of homes already. The last time we looked for a home, we had only two weeks in which to find one, and NO HELP from the supposed realtor that we had hired. I had been communicating with her from the west coast for MONTHS, telling her what we liked, sending her links to homes we had questions about etc. She sent me ZERO listings, and when we arrived finally to go look at homes, she again had ZERO listings ready for us to look at!! We were new to the home buying experience and trusted the wrong person. Lesson learned.When I think back to that whole experience, I begin to get really angry, but then I take a breath, and take my energy and turn it into positive thoughts towards our current home search. Now we have people calling US! A much better experience this time around thus far.
One of the streets where we were house hunting
Now this is what I am talking about! LOVE this house.

We really like all the dogwoods in this area! They are the official tree of Virginia
Third, I really can’t wait to give my current home a big “late spring clean” It is in such desperate need of some TLC. School has really screwed with the order of things around my home, and most of the time it looks like a fabric store walked into my living room and then fell apart! UGH! I am so looking forward to having a work space of my own, and I KNOW my family can’t wait! LOL!
I actually miss just sewing things just for me, and on my own time schedule! I miss creating sets on Polyvore, and then using them for inspiration. I miss spending more time with my son and his school work, and not having to constantly watch the clock. I miss visiting other blogs, and posting things on link parties etc. With summer, I will get these things back, along with boat time, so of course I look forward to the warm and sunny months! When summer ends, fall will bring my new school year, and my last school year!!! I only have two more semesters to go. It is both exciting and scary at the same time. For the last several years I have done nothing but log into school. It is going to be liberating and a little sad to not have to do that any more. Since we have moved here and lived in our current home, I have been in school. How interesting it is that with the closing of my studies comes the changing of my residence!  This will truly be a fresh start, and a much anticipated one at that.
My daughter was reading our “horoscope for the year 2013” and we could not believe what it was saying. It was so spot on that it gave me the chills. (Ciarra and I are both the same sign western and eastern!) Even my husbands horoscope for 2013 completely jived with ours, and was sport on with what has been going on! So amazing.
It is time to get back to work on sewing up my jacket. I am really loving the way the fabric is looking for this project, but it has not been without hiccups. I put the collar on it today. I hope it comes out ok. I don’t have enough fabric left over for it not to! I need to “make it work”.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far,
Until next post,

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