Good Morning and Happy Tuesday

Hello and good morning!!!

I am up at 5am today in order to get my project flats, croquis and renderings finalized for my Blumarine project so I can get them turned in. If you don’t know what the Blumarine project is, I posted about it at the end of March, you can find the info there.

This morning finds me very sleepy and so ready to have a break. I was working non-stop yesterday from sun up, until about 10:30pm last night, trying to get all my work finished for the module of school during which I will not be in town. I don’t think I am going to get my finalized patterns done for my notch collar jacket before I go, but I did get the drafts done. Oh well! you win some, and you lose some. We will see. It depends on if I have access to the final measurements or not before I go.

I still have yet to do laundry or pack, so I better make tomorrow and today count. I only have these two days to get my project done and turned in.

YEA…I wish I could be calm! LOL

Other than that….
I can’t wait to get to spend some down time with the family!

Over the past few days we have had some rain (on Easter) and some pretty weather too. Here are a couple of pictures taken over the past few days..

Rainbow time

Rain coming down

Beautiful spring trees in bloom along side the road on the way to go shopping

I also had a pleasant surprise yesterday, and one of my “Secret Reward” cards from Victoria’s Secret was worth 100.00! The rest are all just 10.00. It is always nice to have a little bit of luck tossed my way. I ordered a couple of things, and just in time for vacation. They will be here tomorrow.

One was 100 bucks!

Today feels like a pancake kind of morning, but I don’t have time to make any this morning. This past weekend I made my bodybuilder pancakes for the whole family, only this time lowering the carb grams in them by replacing some of the oats with coconut flour and almond meal. They were pretty good.

my bodybuilder pancakes with sugar free syrup

I need to get to work on my flats. My hubby will be taking pics of me in the pants I made when he gets home. I wanted to already have that done, but we have been far too busy.

I hope everyone out there has a fabulous Tuesday! Smile and enjoy your day!

Until Next Post

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