Mod…my Vintage design project.

My last project of the semester for my design class is based on vintage. Our inspiration has to come from the last 100 years or less. I have decided to go with the 1960’s. The 60’s had a lot going on, and various different styles. It was the decade that really changed everything in terms of fashion, music, political views, history, and the world in general. What an amazing time, but also a controversial one. 

Since I am all about the “bohemian” look a lot of the time, I decided to steer my designs in the “Mod” direction instead. Here are some of the inspirational images I am putting into my “black book” of sketches and inspiration!
Love this!

adorable! I would wear this dress! The cut makes your shoulders look amazing

Paco Rabanne! A huge inspiration for this project


Orange with black buttons! HMMMM…where have I seen this before! LOL!
Check HERE to see my version of this color combo.



Love this Valentino Coat.

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! SO LOVING IT! everything about it! I want to make this dress!

AGAIN…with the pink! This is my signature color by the way. Valentino had his “Valentino Red” while I have my “Amy Stebbins Pink”

So hot!! LOVE HER HAIR! I am so styling my croquis with this hair! FABULOUS!

Oh look…some Orange and black again! as well as pink and black!

Love scallops

I am pretty sure I have a vintage pattern for this coat!

The cut of this coat is very similar to my orange coat HERE.

This was at the very end of the 60’s.


Crazy prints! I have one for my collection

Beautiful Jackie


Love this black dress

Great collar



Color blocking on a moto jacket! perfect to wear while riding your Vespa!



LOVE THIS! these dresses were what made me want to design with the Mod look

Fun Trip into the time machine back to the swinging 60’s!! I hope my collection comes out as awesome as these groovy threads! LOL!
I have just a couple weeks left of the semester, and then I am back to posting more garments I have made, including some that will be for sale!
Until next post,
Have a groovy day!

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