More Vacation Pictures….

And here are the pictures part 2…Make sure to look at part 1 if you haven’t yet…

This place has the best Key lime Pie!

Best key lime pie and the Conch house!! SO YUMMY!

Me and my Man!

My babies and I

Soren running across the beach as it started to rain

However, rain never stops Ciarra! LOL

My boys! Kings of the sand mountain!

Just loved this little beach! So beautiful!

My cutie loved the fact that there was a park on the beach!

Love this place!

Boats at Islamorada

Leaving the Keys…we didn’t want to go. We would love to get a vacation house down here some where. It is the most perfect place to be on a boat!
And then on Friday, before we went home, we spent another great day at South Beach…
Another Epic day at South Beach! LOVE it here

People posing at the lifeguard tower

The hubby and I having drinks on Ocean Drive

HUGE drinks! two for 25 bucks. I had Pina Coladas and John had zombies

This is a normal sight in Miami. Yachts parked in front of beautiful waterfront homes.
And then we had to go home… 🙁  We didn’t want to go!! I shot pictures of the sunrise from the car
Sunrise over Florida

Good Morning from the road on the way home

 AND THEN…we started to drive into a thunderstorm!! It was awesome. The first one of the season for us.

eerie fog…

The bottom layer there is DARK clouds…

In the rain! it was thundering and there was lightning
Back at South of the Border to get some Fireworks!

We finally drove out of the storm, and back into sunny weather…this time we were staying in Hilton Head. I prefer Tybee Island, as I found it more charming, and less “touristy” and over priced. Here are some pics from Hilton Head.

I liked the tree lined street. This is one of the only ones you can drive down though without paying! 

Thistle on the beach
Lady with her beach cruiser relaxing on the beach. The beach is HARD compact sand that you can ride a bike on. WEIRD. I prefer soft nice sand that doesn’t put your butt to sleep when you sit on it!
People biking on the beach in Hilton Head

And then it was back to Virginia. When we returned everything had become much greener!

Beautiful green 

The trees yesterday on the Colonial Parkway. SO PRETTY! We love it!

The creek on the colonial parkway. It leads out to the York River.

And so that concludes our trip. I have dreamt that I was still in Florida every night since we came back, and when I wake up, I forget that I am home!! I really needed a break, but I have to admit, I am SO NOT having an easy time getting back into the swing of things. I only have 4 more weeks of school left for the semester and then it is summer break for me! YES!
I need to get to work on cutting out my notch collar jacket. Like always, I will post photos of my completed project.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
Until next post,

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