Packing Day!

and a very good morning it is!!! Today is packing day/spa day for me! YAY! Today I pack up my clothes and all my beachwear, do a mani-pedi, and all around prep for my vacation.
Here are a couple of pics of some of the goodies I have to take with me to wear while I am soaking in the sun….

Some new goodies from Victoria’s Secret.

All swimwear is Victoria’s Secret except the center top bikini, which is Luli Fama

I am still trying to get used to the fact that I have some down time. I am so used to scrambling every morning, trying to get things done. It is so nice to be able to take my time right now just to do things for me, and me alone! LOVING IT!!!

I have a bunch of pleasure reading I am going to catch up on as well. I have a very large stack of my magazines that I have to go though. I can’t take that many with me (too heavy!) so I have to sort through and pick the best. 🙂

I was checking the weather, and OH MAN, do we have some great weather ahead!! It should be perfect where we are going, but what is even better is that it looks as though we will have BOAT TEMPS when we get home! YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!! I am so excited!! Look out water, here we come!!!

Me and the boat

Here is the color I will be painting my nails…I ADORE IT. It is such a pretty blue!!!


I think I will be doing my toes in a hot pink or bright coral….

I have my heart shaped glasses ready to go, a brand new beach towel, and plenty of Hawaiian Tropic!!
I AM SO EXCITED!! but most of all…I can’t wait to be with my family, no school…no cares…no stress!!!

Back to packing for me!!
Have a great day!!
Until next post,

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