A hunting we will go….house hunting that is!

An example of a new home where we are looking


Today is house hunting day. We will be looking at a house today that is 4000sqft and brand new. I honestly don’t know what I would do with myself with that much space. I would probably cry with joy after being in our small home for these past 5 years.
No matter what, we are looking into purchasing homes that are more than twice the size we have now. Along with square footage comes having to FURNISH the home. When it comes to artwork or pictures for the walls, we are totally covered. I plan on doing a lot of painting, and we have tons of fabulous pictures to frame…as for furniture…well I have no idea where to start! For the first time I have no idea what colors I will be using, or where I will be buying furniture from. I admit I am totally excited to do this, yet I want to get the best price I can find, as well as good quality.
I am totally not opposed to shopping online for some things. Does anyone have suggestions??? I would love to check them out.
I have a board on Pinterest where I collect ideas that I like. Since we have started our home search some things have totally changed as to theme for me. If anyone knows of some great boards for home decor on Pinterest please send me the link! I would love to take a look.
My family and I are taking our time with the whole home shopping process this time around. Last time we had two weeks in which to find a home, and our realtor was totally awful. This time we have a really good realtor, who not only knows the area in which we are looking, but lives there are LOVES IT! Yay!! I am so glad we met her.

I made a coffee cake for the boys this morning, and I just pulled it out of the oven! My whole house smells wonderful. I guess it is time for me to grab some coffee, and fresh cut melon, and start my day!
I look forward to viewing homes today! I am so excited!

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Until next post, have a great weekend!

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