Getting Ready for some fun in the sun!




Ummm….Yes please. This will be next boat.

Yes…you should!

Summer is upon us! And I am ready for some fun in the sun! This week is proving to be a busy one for me (like that is anything new!LOL) And I am looking forward to some boat time. Here is a Vine I created of some of my “water gear” so to speak! 😉

I will be posting Vines here and there on this blog of various things. I have some cool ideas for things I want to shoot, and create.

This summer as stated before in a previous blog, we will be packing and prepping, and I will be sewing garments for my shop as well as for Ciarra to wear. I am already in “coat mode” and looking for melton to make coats out of. I like to buy coating materials in the summer because you can usually find them on sale or in clearance.

Here are some ideas from my “book” where I sketch and keep photo’s for inspiration for future collections. In this vine you see a little of the images I collected for my design collections for school.

I really want to make one of the coats I designed for my final collection. I am trying to decide between some melton or just straight up wool felt (they are almost exactly the same) I am looking into sourcing materials for it right now. I still need to make the pattern.
I have a lot of work to accomplish this summer…but at least it is on my own schedule, and not someone else’s. I have one more year of school (2 semesters) left to go, and then I am done. I am so excited!

Here are a couple of link parties where I posted up the empire waist dress.

I hope this day finds you in good spirits and with a smile on your face!
Until next post,

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