Mother’s day fun

This Mother’s day was a rather mellow one for me. I awoke to rain outside, which soon turned to partly cloudy skies with sunshine. We met my mom and step dad for lunch at a restaurant at the marina where we live.
After that, we took our boat out for the first ride of the season! While it was not cold out, it was still not super warm like we like it. This year has been off to an “odd” start in terms of weather. Last year at this time we were swimming in the water with temps in the mid to upper 80’s. This year it has been much cooler, which leads me to the question, “are we going to have summer into December?” Who knows! only time will tell.
Here are some clips and photo’s from our day on the boat yesterday. I made the video clips or “Vines” with my Vine app. If you have not checked out Vine yet, you should! If you do have a Vine account, I am listed under my name. I have more clips than this posted. Please don’t be a stranger! Come visit me on Vine.

Amazing clouds!
Ciarra with her hair whipping in the wind

The bridge

And here are some clips or “vines”

I have a lot to do this week with the wrapping up of this semester, and trying to get my house back in order. I admit today is a bit “scattered” feeling. I need to get back into my “summer routine” and with any new transition, it is off to a bumpy start.
I posted up the Empire waist dress at the following link parties today. I don’t know how many I will do this season. It is hard keeping up with everything. I have even thought about hosting one myself. We shall see!


I have to get back to work on things. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Until next post,

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