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I have been gathering images to help with the design of my workroom that will be in our new home. Pinterest got me started down this road, and boy did I get sucked in for hours looking at different pictures. The style I would like for my work room is clean and modern, with lots of light and storage. I have found many ideas utilizing IKEA shelving and cabinets, and also items from Target.

Here are the images I have collected to pull ideas from. Enjoy!!

basic saw horse work table. So easy to make


If my work room ends up in the bonus room





Using IKEA chest of drawers!




Love the bottom right and top left


Love the floor and all that cabinet space!


LOVE the colors!


Pink and black!


Like the lighting and the windows! the chest with work table top is great


Natural light is awesome


This is just too cool!


For the odd shaped ceilings in some bonus rooms. I have looked at lots of these lately.



Another IKEA built table!


FABULOUS inspiration/mood wall!


I will be doing lots of this!!


I love hanging the fabric like this…


Good office work space. Needs the cutting table island in the middle.


YES! only white shelving.


For pattern paper and block paper.



You must have a kitty in your work space! LOL!







I like how bright this room is



If my work space is in the basement.


Another IKEA idea.



I love that robin’s egg colored work table!


Love the glass shelves


VERY NICE!! and the window! omg!


We are not going to be using our TV cabinet when we move, so I will take it and do this with it.





awesomely easy




LOOK!! it’s my future pup!! and snuggling in my work area keeping me company! LOL!


change out the black with white or a pale pink and use it for inspiration/mood board


hanging up pattern blocks/patterns/ and storing threads.




This is so cute for the doors into my work space! I love this! it let more light in as well.




all sorted by color!


You can move this one! great idea!

And all I need now is the new house to go around the work space! LOL!!!
Which is your favorite idea here??? Let me know! I would love the feedback.

I hope everyone is having a great day today!!! What have you been up to this Memorial day weekend? Do tell! leave me a comment below.

Until next post,

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  1. I would love it as well! I am due for a new sewing machine soon…or rather, another machine, in which to use for business purposes, instead of my personal use. I just also want to have my serger and coverstitch machine set up at all times, and never have to put it away. Playing "musical machines" is just time consuming and frustrating! LOL!
    There are lots of great ideas out there to work with. It doesn't matter how big a space is, it can always be optimized. I love the IKEA hackers blog. Have you seen it? Lots of people have used garage sale/flea market finds, as well as Walmart, Target and Ikea to make some amazing work spaces. 🙂 A new house (and bigger one) requires furnishings as well, and I want to make the most of our money. Some things will cost more, but others I intend on stretching our money as far as I can. I am glad over the years I have collected many ideas and articles! I am always on the lookout on Pinterest for great ideas! I love how it leads me to new blogs out there and creativity!

  2. I love the one that says “good office work space”. I only wish the original link was there. I would love to know the room size!

  3. My favorite is “Love the Colors”. The “Doors into work area” are very cool as well as the “Pattern & Paper Hanging”
    idea. “Odd shaped Ceilings” great attic space.

  4. Really great ideas!! My favorite is “pup” one. I have a 12 x 16 foot “she-shed” which I call my beach house, and decorated in the seaside theme. This is for my personal use. I like to sew, write childrens books, and watch movies in here. It’s my retreat. I really need a smart person to come in and organize it for me!!

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