Shopping day with Mom,Cape Cod Summer outfit, and the new “Cupid’s Arrow” dress

Today my Mom and I are going to do a bit of shopping! We are going to be checking out some local antique shops as well as the new stores in Williamsburg that they just built in the “New town” area, one of which is a Home Goods store. I have never been in one of these, and have no idea what they have, so this should be interesting. Next to the Home Goods are SHOE STORES!!! OH NO!!! …”feeling weak….no control…I ….I ….can’t”….HELP!! LOL!! Just kidding!! ….or am I??? 😉 But seriously…today is about scouting out ideas and things for our new place.
A brand new Michaels also opened right next to Home Goods, so I will be checking in there as well. I need two shades of blue fabric dye. I know how much it is at Joann, now I just need to check in there. I want the best deal I can get! This dye will be used for an outfit I will be making that was inspired by this fashion set I created…

Also…I am creating a new dress called the “Cupid’s Arrow” dress. This is basically a new and improved version of the “Cherry Sprinkles Dress” that I made for Ciarra, also known as the “franken-dress.” It was a bunch of left over parts that ultimately became the dress you see pictured below. This Cupid’s dress is meant to be worn mainly ON the shoulders and not off. I am still tweaking things a bit, and hopefully it all comes out ok. I will still be making the original version to sell, but depending on how the Cupid’s Arrow comes out, I will probably sell this one as well.

Ciarra in the Cherry Sprinkles dress

Ciarra says that she likes to wear the Cherry sprinkles dress mainly OFF the shoulders. She says “it is more comfortable this way.” The sleeve holes are elasticized on this dress and they naturally want to be worn down. I am working on improving all of that. I am curious to know how people prefer “The Cherry Sprinkles Dress?” do you like it OFF or ON the shoulders more?? To see it both ways click HERE for the original post.

I love the fabric we selected for the “Cupid’s Arrow” dress. It is so pretty and CUTE! I hope to have the dress completed by next week. I am still waiting for my labels to show up as well. It takes 3 to 5 weeks I think for them to arrive due to the fact that they are woven and not just printed. I can’t wait to see how they look!! 🙂

It is time for me to get in the shower and get ready to SHOP!!! YAY!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!
Until next post,

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