The empire waist dress with matching obi belt and jacket

Here is my final presentation for my CDFP class. The empire waist dress with matching obi belt and jacket.
I created the patterns for the jacket, dress and belt, and then sewed them up! I had fun making this outfit for Ciarra.
The jacket and belt are a faux suede with a reptile like coating, and the dress is 100% cotton with a most awesome Asian inspired print. The print was a repeating diagonal and was not exactly “even”, so lining it up so that the final print on the actual dress smooth, was very frustrating! Sewing with plaid is a snap compared to this. I had to cut the bodice twice so that the layout looked pleasing to the eye. If this was just a sheath dress with no actual waist, it would have been a lot easier. However that was not the assignment here. I enjoyed the challenge!

So lovely 

Miss Sassy Ciarra!

This coming week is my last week of school for the year, and with no major work to turn in. I feel so HAPPY right now!!! Now I can get things in order with my home, and begin making garments to wear, and to sell!!

Stay tuned for more!
Until next post,

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  1. Beautifully done. I've had to cut out large prints/directional designs twice before…yes, frustrating. But somehow, the next time you do it, what you learned the last time will come back to you.

    Love how you dressed it all up…I especially love the shoes! Hooray for the last day of school! Yay summer. Have a lovely week. Lynaea @

  2. Thank you Justine 🙂 Yes…I got an "A"! YAY! I love working with suede/microsuede/vintage suede. I am on the lookout right now for some more for a jacket I want to make for me. I have found a few colors I really like, now I just have to choose!

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