Thursday..warm and sunny!

This morning I woke to warm temperatures. Today it will be 90 degrees here! The first really warm temp of the season. Today I hope to get out on the water at some point. I wonder if the water has warmed up enough yet?
Last night I spent some time looking at various fabrics online. When my husband saw me doing this he said “NO…no more fabric right now!” LOL! In a way I can’t say I blame him. We are already surrounded by the stuff with no place to put it. They should make a show about me and call it “Fashion fabric hoarders”. It only seems bad right now because I don’t have my own work space yet. SOON!…I am counting the days!
My son is really on my back right now to make him some “cozy slippers”, so that might be one of the first projects I put together this season. I already know what dresses, jackets, and coats I want to make, so now I just need to get started with the sewing.
I also start a new workout plan on Monday. This plan is perfect because it is Mon-Fri, and then Saturday and Sunday you are off. This is when my family and I are out doing fun things like mountain biking, boating, shopping or taking care of our home. In the next few weeks we will be really focused on painting and gutting our house.
I need to get going with my activities for the day. I am going to log into school as well. Tomorrow will be the last day for that!
What are you making or creating this summer? Any vacation plans?? what are you up to this Memorial day weekend? Do tell! leave me a comment below!
Here are a couple of link parties I posted on today as well. Have a great day everyone!



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  1. No plans for Memorial Day but this summer we are going to the Black Hills, then Montana, then Seattle. I will hit the fabric and vintage shops in all places! Can't wait.

  2. Awesome! I love Montana. I have lot's of family that live there. It is still really open and wild. That is the first time I saw a wolf in the wild. It was so cool.

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