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Good Morning all,

Today I am making the final patterns for my empire waist dress, for my CDFP class. This is the last project of the semester and our final. It will be presented with the notch collar jacket that I made.

My first drafts for the empire waist dress. This is the top portion.

I love the fabric that I am using for this dress. It is really pretty. I am happy that there is enough left over to make at least a skirt or blouse (possibly more!) for me to wear, as the dress is for Ciarra.
We are still in the process of looking at homes. This past weekend we went and looked at a couple, and I found one that I totally am in love with, which of course makes me incredibly nervous. I don’t want anyone to buy it, before we get a chance to! Can you blame me?? I can so imagine us having Christmas in this particular house. It just felt like “love” when we went in. I didn’t want to leave!
Here are a couple of pictures of homes we looked into this past weekend. We look at the addresses first, and then contact our realtor to set up appointments to have a showing. It is always important to “scout out” a potential neighborhood before hand, to get a sense of how it is. If you do this before hand, you don’t waste your time, or your realtors! You only end up going into houses you are truly serious about.
These homes I am posting pictures of are in an exclusive area that is gated. It is a pristine neighborhood…almost too perfect…when we were driving through (after we got clearance from security!) I could not help but think of “The Stepford Wives” LOL!!!! I am not kidding…the lawns, the landscaping…everything about it is utterly perfect. 

I felt very safe and secure in this neighborhood, and it is SO NOT yucky by any means…yet I am still in love with the other neighborhood more. It just “felt right”
This weekend we will be looking at more houses. It is going to be interesting to see how we feel about the homes we are going to look at. I am excited.
As I stated before in an earlier post, I will be setting up an online shop in the near future. I have been trying to source fabrics in between projects for school, and one of the prints I am trying to find has been proving tricky to locate. I can only seem to find four yards! UGH! I need to take a trip to New York to do some shopping I think. I have already bought a few yards of various prints to begin working on some dresses. I need to buy some labels and look into shipping info etc.
I am done with this semester on May 18th, but I am also in the process of packing up my home and getting ready to move. My shop really needs to be planned well, and I really don’t want to open it until we move into our new place. I have NO ROOM in my current home in which to work on a larger scale, which stinks. When we move, I will have my own work room, and depending on which house we end up in, this room has a very good possibility of being quite large. I CAN’T WAIT TO MOVE!
So all those who are looking to purchase dresses from me, I just wanted to let you know I am working on getting things set up. Thank you for your patience. 🙂 I want everything to be great!
Time to get back to work on my pattern making. I want to get the dress cut out in the next two days and get it put together. I still have a line to design for my other class for our final. I am so excited this semester is coming to a close! I think this summer is going to be a very memorable one!
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