YYYAAAYYYY!!!! almost there!!!

How I am feeling right about now!
I am in the last week of project work for this semester of school. It has been a really long, and hard semester. I am so tired, and yet very happy. I am looking forward to cleaning my house! It looks like hell in here right now. LOL! Not surprising considering how busy my family and I have been. Now is when we clean and gut it, in preparation for moving.

So much has happened and has changed this year so far, with no end in sight of eventful occurrences. I should have some pretty cool news to share in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for updates.

I finished my empire waist dress for my CDFP class today, including a matching obi belt. It looks really cute. I will be shooting pictures of Ciarra in the completed outfit this weekend, for my final presentaion. I will be of course sharing them here on this blog.

The weather here is warming up now, and I wake every morning to birds singing loudly outside my window. It is nice 🙂

I should soon be creating more entries to my blog, as the summer season is upon me. I think for Mother’s day we are taking our boat out for the first time this season! YAY! I will take lots of pictures of that. As long as the weather cooperates, then that is the plan.

I need to get back to work on my design project now. I have to turn that in no later than Sunday, but I hope to have it completely finished in the next two days! I don’t care if I have to get up at o’dark thirty to get it done by Friday night, I will do it.

I hope all of you are doing well, and are having a beautiful spring.

Until next post, have fun, smile, be happy and remember…..

Take Care

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