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Yesterday we had some realtor business to take care of, yet still managed to get work done around the house. When my family and I want to get something done…We mean business! We aren’t lazy, we don’t procrastinate, and we like to get it done as fast as possible with quality work. We figured out that in the 18 years John and I have been married, we have moved a total of 12 times!! We KNOW how to pack, and how to take care of stuff. It totally makes us laugh when people try and tell us how to do this…It’s like, “HELLO!!!! DO THE MATH!” LOL!!!
Bubble wrap..what a waste of money!…you don’t even need it if you know how to pack. All you need is packing paper and boxes…yea…that is how well I know my stuff! LOL.
Yesterday I completed more packing and “de-cluttering”, and John primed the front door, and “cut in” the kids bathroom.

Primed front door

My Mom has been a great help so far with scouting supplies for us while we are doing other things. She finds them, and we pay her for them. What a huge help!! Thanks mom!!! Both my mom and step dad are really showing us support through this whole process, and we appreciate so much! Love you guys!!

Because I have already packed up my cook books, I shot pics of a few of my favorite recipes that might be hard to find online. Here is one of them. It comes from “The Nancy Drew Cookbook” that we bought for Ciarra when she was younger. This recipe is a tradition during summer in our home. Ciarra makes it for us every year!! I love it when the heirloom tomatoes come into season…they are EXCELLENT with this recipe!! If you are a vegetarian you can make this with veggie sausage, and it is DELISH! We have had it with veggie sausage AND turkey sausage. Both are great.

The flowers we planted in our hanging baskets are doing well. I loved these flowers when I was a kid! I would pick them from a huge bush near my house and use them for “barbie bouquets” 🙂

Time to get busy with breakfast and packing! I also need to squeeze in a workout. Today we have more realtor business to take care of, in fact this whole week will be like that! I hope we can squeeze in a day on the boat soon. We need to have some downtime as well, so we don’t become ill from too much GO GO GO!
Have a great day everyone!!
Until next post!

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