Curb Appeal Ideas

I have been looking at many ideas on how to increase the curb appeal of your home. BH&G has so many great ideas on their web page, many of which have been pinned on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorite ideas and looks…

So beautiful!!

This home and walkway just screams “you are home here” I would love to own this home!

For people in areas that are dry and water is at a premium (which is not here where I live!)

To see this from the side of a home would be very appealing

LOVE THIS! I am going to do this one in our new place

For sloping lots



some “curve appeal”

You can’t go wrong with these lights to trim a walk way or drive way. They always look great

The Red Door!

Instant color! just add pots of flowers!


Dress up your mail box

Lovely from the street


Classic cottage


OMG! It’s Jake Ryan’s  house! LOL

WOW! the grand entrance

Today we have a busy day running errands and meeting with people. We were just out front removing our “lighthouse” light that came with our house.  I have been wanting to get rid of it for a while, and finally it is GONE! Later today we are painting trim through the house. On Saturday there is a possibility of a tropical storm, so we also have to be ready for that.
I have also decided to add red pots with flowers to the front porch, to mirror the color of the front door. It should look great. Stay tuned for pictures!

Time for our first meeting of the day!
Until next post,

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