Looking back….a photo montage of memories…

With each place that my family and I have lived, there are specific memories associated with our life in that particular space and time. Now that we are about to move on and into a new phase in our lives, I can’t help but look back at the memories we have made over the past five years. This house was our first home purchase. It was where we experienced our first east coast hurricane and tropical storm. Where we finally got the chance to observe the 4 seasons in all their glory (something I had dreamed of my entire life!)  Where my little girl grew into an amazing young woman, and my son came with baby teeth and now has braces!
Looking back through the pictures taken, I can see how much my children have grown. My husband and I also have grown into older yet wiser people, and both of us have taken on new responsibilities.
Here are some of my favorite images from over the years…

Standing in the Autumn rain!

He was so little!!

My house in October…

As you can see it was cold!

Finding turtles while doing yard work

capturing the clouds while going over the bridge. 

Snow days…

Going to the park across from where we live…

Finding snakes while doing yard-work!!

I love my Soren! 

They both look so young here!

Trick or Treating around our neighborhood

Part of our property. We call it “Stebbins Woods”

again..hiking at the park

My cuties

The house in October. I love the way our door looks now! I can’t wait to post the pictures.

Making goodies in the kitchen, with my helper Soren

My happy boys catching fish!

Frogs visiting our sliding glass door!

This area is known for Daffodils in spring. Brent and Becky’s bulbs is down the road from our house.

Bonfires in the back!

When we first bought our boat

John and I on our anniversary

Trick or Treat on Main Street

Our neighborhood on Halloween

Looking down our street in Fall

Soren goofing around at the park

Carving pumpkins

Our Kitty Shadow. RIP.

On the 4th of July!

Watching the sunrise from my front porch

Sitting on the deck and enjoying the sun

A local dog coming to say hi!

Happy Soren!

Pumpkin people on Halloween

After trick or treat

Ciarra observing the woods and the creek



John taking photos along side of the road on the way home

Soren’s 8th birthday

taking pictures of weather from the front porch

Another birthday for little man!

Ciarra and her praying mantis!

Santa coming down the street in December. 

he still has baby teeth here!

Trick or Treat

Happy guy!

Happy Girl

I love my kids!

Having fun on main street!

Corn and the rainbow

Soren at Lake Anna eating cookies! This is around the time we started talking about getting a boat


Looking down the street on a snow day

Our 2012 Christmas pic

Taking fashion pics for my blog on my porch! A lot has happened on our porch!

I love you kids!

My porch now.

 These are just a fraction of the photos we have from living in our little house. What an adventure we have had! I hope the next people to inhabit our house will have many happy memories here. New photos will be taken from within its walls, and on the porch. I wish nothing but luck and joy to those that will come to call this place home. 🙂

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.
Until next post,

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