YEAH…this is what we did all day!
WOW…Things have really sped up this past week for my family, and some MAJOR changes have occurred. Most of my household goods will be packed up, as we begin to paint our current home and put in new flooring.
Needless to say this past week has been “off the hook” busy for my family and I, and this is seriously the first time I have sat down for any length of time, besides going to sleep at night!
John took his oath on Saturday, and it was hilarious! What an appropriate setting! LOL!!!
John taking his oath in Colonial Williamsburg! So cute and funny!

We also went to buy packing supplies, look at new flooring, bought flowers for our hanging baskets, bought paint for our front door, new brass door hardware, and a brass door knocker. Our door is going to be a color from True Value called “Back Talk”

To give you an idea of what we are going for…it will look something like this…
Only with the brass hardware

This is adorable!


This is like our door knocker

I love red!
In addition to the red door, we looked at refrigerators for our new place, just to get an idea of what we will want. As I was taking a pic, Ciarra decided to photo-bomb me!
What a goof ball!
New flooring for current house
Pic of a house I took while taking care of business
During all the craziness, we actually stopped on Friday afternoon to take a couple of hours out on the boat. It was a HOT day! We needed a break after our rather emotional Thursday. More on that later. Summer has finally arrived!
The kids taking some down time to chill!
Because of all these whirlwind changes, my sewing has been put on the back burner. I hope to pick it back up once we are done prepping our current house. I might have to wait a few weeks though. We will see. I will know more this afternoon.
When an amazing opportunity comes your way, make sure to go for it! Sometimes life throws twists at you that you never saw coming, and they turn out AMAZING!
More updates later!! stay tuned for more!
Until Next Post,

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