Staging time…and some tips for selling your house

Picture of a rare evening rainbow! I took this with the panorama mode on my iphone. It happened just as the sun was setting.

 Happy Monday!!
This week my family and I have headed into the final “staging” of our home. All that is left to do is wash windows, straighten up, and have the interior set up in just the way we want it to look when people come in to view it.
John took some pictures of our house, while I was taking pictures of the rainbow, and he sent them to our realtor. She loved the pictures so much that she wanted to use them! John will now be shooting all our photos for our listing.
 However I do love that our realtor uses a professional photographer for all her listings. This is nice, especially for those clients out there who don’t have the time or equipment to shoot quality pictures. Obviously John’s photos are professional quality (as you can see below) so they work. As a home buyer, I hated looking at photos of homes with piles of laundry in the shots, crappy lighting, and horrible angles!! If you want to get your home sold, use a pro to shoot the pictures.

One of the photos John took. 

Have good lighting always for your photos!! John used proper lighting here for the hall. It really shows off the new floor we put into the house. 

Another tip for selling your house…and this one is a biggie…make your home look its very best! PAINT PAINT PAINT! replace old scratched up hardware on doors, keep your home as clean as possible, keep your lawn cut and neat, add flowers and replace old shoddy carpet etc. You don’t have to remodel your home, just make sure to use that paint!!! Most people want homes that are “move in ready” these days, because they just don’t have the time to fix things up due to work, school, kids etc.
I was grossed out many times when I was looking at houses to find dirty appliances, filthy walls, or stained beyond belief carpet, and these owners don’t want to lift a finger to make it look nice for the buyer, and then they expect to get asking price, which is usually WAY too much!! We went to look at an older home when we were first looking, and the SMELL when we walked though the door was HORRIBLE! It was cat pee smell, and it was so strong it made us nauseous.We turned right around and walked out. WHY would someone show a home like this, and think someone would want to buy it???John and I recently looked back at listings, and those “lazy” houses are STILL for sale because they look like crap (or in some cases smell like it too!)
The carpet in our home was put in by the builder, and we NEVER wore shoes in the house, YET we ripped it out because it was OLD. Wood shows better than carpet as well, especially in a smaller home. Now the house looks much more spacious and just plain classier because we got rid of the carpet (which was something I have been wanting to do since we moved in!) We want to impress our buyers and make them feel welcome, like this is a place they want to be! That is what showing a home is all about.
Selling or buying home is “big stress stuff” and takes patience. We have done both now, and it is never easy. You have to put out there what you want to get in return.
I feel good knowing that our home is move in ready for the next owner. We want them to be happy here, and love this place. We are also asking a reasonable and realistic price for our home. I think a lot of people don’t do this, and they don’t understand the direction of the market today. Do lots and lots of research and get appraisals before you sell. It really puts things into perspective.

Once our house is staged I can hopefully get back to my sewing as soon as possible. I will be setting up shop elsewhere, so I don’t have to tear everything down, because someone is coming to view the house.  Anyone who sews or designs knows that constantly having to put big equipment away is a pain in the butt. You need to be able to go back to work quickly where you left off, and not spend an hour or more setting everything up again! UGH! I find this utterly frustrating, and not conducive to my “creative flow.”

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week. Did anyone watch the moon rise this weekend? It was amazing where I am!

Until next post,

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