What a weekend! Progress was made, with just a bit more to go!

This past weekend was so incredibly busy for my family, yet much progress was made. We ran errands, painted bathrooms, primed the hall, re-painted the living room, painted some terra cotta pots bright red, and then planted them, cleaned out gutters, and did tons of packing! WHEW!! Next up on the list is priming and painting all the bedrooms, the laundry room, straightening up the garage, and then putting in new floor in the living room/dining area, and hall.
Our house (current residence) will be “move in ready” for the next happy family that will inhabit it.
Here are some pictures I took of some of the progress. I can’t wait to show the final product!! John will not be done with the door until this weekend most likely. He wants to get two more good coats on the door before we put the new hardware on it.

The front door before, with old worn out mat. There is a new mat now.

Priming the door getting it ready for the big change!

Cutting in the door 

WOW! I was so loving the color! I can’t stop looking at it!

Getting more excited!

Starting to look really amazing! At this point it was getting late, so he needed to put the paint away. Two more coats to go!
While he was painting other places, I was painting the pots for the steps of the front porch. This was after the first coat.
The Coleus that my mom picked up for us. I planted these with some vibrant purple petunias.

Our hydrangeas are blooming! So pretty.

I am really excited to have the house and the front door finished! I will be posting up the “before and after” pictures once the front door is completed.

While looking around at home improvement and curb appeal ideas, I have come across some amazing ideas and pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend’s search. Adding interesting and colorful plants and container gardens to your property adds instant wow curb appeal in an inexpensive way. Try it for yourself! It works great!

This is really cool! I love the red wall too! I am really into red these days.

AWESOME! Lots of height and drape!

I am totally in love with this lately. This is Japanese blood grass

Again, the Japanese blood grass planted with black mondo grass! Too cool!
I have always been in love with Heuchera! They come in so many amazing colors. I love the fall colored ones.

This is Shrimp Plant. My grandfather used to have a huge bush of it in front of his house.  He loved to garden.

I love the color here!! Totally happy!

Lovely!! I love the spiky texture of the New Zealand flax added in.

Heuchera!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I am going to plant lots at our new place!

An autumn colored New Zealand Flax


Shrimp Plant up close


Love this New Zealand flax! Great color!

Love this autumn color mix!!

So that was my weekend. This coming weekend shows no slowing down in sight. We are busting our humps to get this work done so we can C-H-I-L-L! We want to get out on our boat soon sometime too, but getting the work done is the priority. The sooner we get it finished, to sooner we can enjoy some down time!

As for my sewing…I moved some of my sewing stuff over to my mom’s house already. I will be working over there through our “transition” period. I will not be able to really “have at it” with the sewing machine until the house work here is done. I received my clothing labels in the mail as well! They look great. I can’t wait to start making garments to sell, with my own label in them! So cool! 2013 was supposed to be an amazing year for my according to my horoscope at the end of last year. It was not kidding!! This is a year of great change and for the better!! More exciting updates and news to come.
Have a wonderful week everyone!! Happy Monday!!!

Until next post,

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