5 outfits for future inspiration…and our family adventure yesterday

I have been playing on Polyvore again in my spare time. I came up with these 5 different outfits, most of which are for Fall/Winter weather. As I have stated before, this is the time of year when I prepare my wardrobe for cooler days. I still make some summery things…but I like to get my cold weather designing and sewing out of the way in the warmer months. Here are my ideas…

I love the coat here, and I adore that heart sweater! So cute! I think the combo of orange and navy is sort of unexpected. I guess that is why I like it.

Some leather and lace. Reminds me of Pam from True Blood.
OKAY…I happen to love the whole dress over blouse or turtleneck look. I always have. This dress/turtleneck combo is by Dolce and Gabbana. I love the cape coat, and the Ralph Lauren boots here! I plan on making a dress (I call this a jumper) and turtleneck to wear together like this. I already have the fabric ready to go. This whole type of look is very vintage/retro looking. It is also rather classic…Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

Here are some other examples of the jumper/blouse/sweater combos…from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s..

This is a lot like the Dolce and Gabbana…this is 1960’s

The plaid one is also like the D&G

So obviously the 70’s. I had that Dorothy Hamill hair when I was a kid! LOL

 These last few days have been a bit “lazy” and no one in my house seems to have much “get up and go” lately. I think this is partly due to the weather. We have had days with 100 degree temps (with the heat index) and when it gets super warm like that, if we are not on the boat, we pretty much just want to chill. However…yesterday we had some really good thunderstorms, and when I went out early this morning to water my plants, I was shocked by how cool it was!! The temp was 70 degrees at 9 am, with NO humidity! It was almost chilly outside! I could not believe it! In all my years of living here on the east coast, I have never experienced a day like this in summer, let alone the end of july!! it was a total surprise!
Today when my husband comes home, we will be going on a bike ride. With weather like this, it is just lame to stay indoors!!
Yesterday we went out on our boat. On the way to the ramp we ran into a crazy thunderstorm! We had to wait in the car until it blew over before we could launch. We ended up eating our lunch in the car.
Here are a couple of pics I took while waiting…

Pic I took when we were just starting out on the road. It looked so pretty!!
Then it started to look like this…

When we arrived….

Sitting at the dock of the bay…just waistin time!


Tomorrow we are shooting the photos of Ciarra. I will be rolling her hair tonight, and picking out our location, although I am pretty sure where we will be taking the picture already. I look forward to posting up the pics. 🙂

Until next post,

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