FALL RTW 2013 PART 4 post A

Because there are SO MANY pictures in my part 4 of runway pictures for fall RTW2013, I decided to break it up into two posts…A and B…

To start off post A, I am sharing pics of the Paco Rabanne, Pamella Roland, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Roberto Cavalli.

Up first is Paco Rabanne. I took inspiration for my final collection this past semester from vintage Paco Rabanne. Here are some looks from the fall RTW 2013 collection…

Here is Pamella Roland. I love this collection….

Prada….I really like this collection as well. I am in love with the coats! I have some brown tweed just like the one I show close up detail pics of below! I wish that coat was in my closet!! If you look in one of my first posts, you will see a red coat that I made that is very similar to this style.


Great shoes!

I love this brown! so rich and pretty

Ralph Lauren….

Roberto Cavalli…

I will post part B later today. Again…I really love the colors in all the collections this fall, and the one “Anchor” color that seems to be pulling them all together is black. I even like the brown and black together! It looks very rich and warm. In case you were wondering what the Pantone colors were for this season, here they are…

Until next post. Stay tuned for part B later today

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