Pic of the week and updates on the Cupid dress


Hello everyone! Above you can see a screen shot of my entry for the “Photo of the week” on Instacanvas. Please click on the link under the picture and then click the “love” button to vote for my photo. If I get enough votes, my picture will be featured on the front page the following week.
Thank you so much for your support! 🙂
Right now I am working on my “Cupid” dress as I am calling it. I finally went and picked up my sewing stuff, and my husband and I rented a storage unit to store everything in the garage except the workout equipment (gotta have that!) so that I can store my sewing stuff, and make it possible to work at home while we wait for a buyer. 
What I had originally planned for this dress design, was scrapped and I started with a whole new look. Ciarra helped me finalize the choice…after all, she is the one who will be modeling it!
The fabric is so cute, and I think the style will look great with the fabric. While fitting it, I found the bodice to be a little too big, and so I will use a couple of techniques to help close up the bit of gaping, and create a very nice fit to the top.
Hopefully everything will be done at the end of the week, but that depends on appointments etc.
I also will be cutting out some jackets, and then creating a new dress pattern. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!!!
I hope everyone is having a great week, and thank you for voting for my photo. 🙂
Until next post,

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