Now that I finally have some extra time to look through fashion updates and what not, I decided that I would post some looks from the fall 2013 RTW collections. Because there are SO MANY designers out there, I decided to start alphabetically. I chose designers that I normally always look at.  Here are some of the looks I found interesting from Alice & Olivia, Anna Sui, Blumarine, and Carolina Herrera. will be posting more over the next few days. There are some great collections out there so stay tuned!!

First up…Alice & Olivia

gaucho pants?

I am seeing lots of this. Long skirts with prints and turtle necks. I like it. Reminds me of when I was a kid!

Lots of leather pleated mini’s all over the place!

Interesting combo here

mossy green

I also have been seeing these over the knee boots all over as well

Love the long gown!!!

this lace also reminds me of my childhood

And here is some Anna Sui…

GROOVY BABY! Love all the hosiery in this collection too!

I love this outfit. It makes me smile! it is so cute.

very cool

Love this. The colors are amazing

I love the jumper over the sweater…again, this takes me back to when I was a kid!

great coat!!

This is just pretty. I love that dress!

LOVE the prints here

WOW! “I like gooooolllldddd! The smell of it, the taste of it…the texture!” LOL!

And here is a change of pace with the light and airy colors of Blumarine…

Adding some dark into the collection. She usually does this for good measure 🙂

fitted capes! I have seen these a bit as well.

LOVE IT! this is too cool!!

You heard Audrey talk about a “mink t-shirt” here is a mink dress!

And on to Carolina Herrera…I really love this collection! So lady like!

Very 1930’s inspired


This coat looks buttery soft and warm! beautiful!

adorable! I love the fir trim at the top.


I found this very interesting. There is that mossy forest green again. I am not sure about the fir at the waist . Kinds kinda weird.

YAY! that long skirt with fitted turtle neck! I love this look!

Love the leg of mutton type top of these sleeves

Love it!




Love the flowy pant!




Like a movie star!



If this doesn’t say old school Hollywood, I don’t know what does! 😉

So elegant!!!

There are so many designs here that I find inspiring, and would like to have hanging in my closet!!! Which are your favorites??? Tomorrow I will be posting up more collections, so stay tuned!!!
I hope everyone out there is doing well, and enjoying summer!!!

Until next post,

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