Scenes from our day on the sandbar yesterday….

Yesterday my family and I had a great time. We woke at 5:30am to make sure we got a parking spot at our favorite boat launch. When we arrived there at 7:00am, there were already a ton of fishermen parked in the parking lot. There were just a few spaces left! Thank goodness. Here are a few photos I snapped while hanging about our favorite sandbar…

Looking down one way….

This is an osprey nest

John took a pic of Ciarra and I

The kids enjoying a snack

It was such a perfect day

The boys relaxing and waiting for a bite!

Little man running to me!

And here are some movie clips…

When we came home we grilled up some beef tenderloin, and then set off some fireworks, which were AMAZING! It has been many years since I have seen stuff that great. Thank you to South Of The Border in South Carolina! LOL If you are ever traveling through that way, I recommend you stop there, just for the cheesy awesome retro-ness of it all!

I have the part B of my fall RTW 2013 posting up later.
stay tuned for more fashion fun
Until next post,

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