So here it is finally! The dress I made for Ciarra. We call it the “Cupid Dress” because of the pattern on the fabric, the color, and it is a very romantic style.

Originally I was thinking Ciarra would want this dress to be a bit shorter in length, but once it was done, we LOVED the length. When I was pinning it to make it shorter, we were like “no way! It cheapens it!!” Ciarra loved the longer, more modest vintage length. So did I. I am glad my daughter is not all about wearing her skirt up around her “C-U-Next-Tuesday!” (yes…I said that.)

The dress reminds me of a beautiful girl on the Italian Riviera, or in the French countryside. Soren said “It looks like a pretty dress she should be wearing to a picnic in a beautiful spot”. I totally agree.

I love how the bodice came out. So romantic! 

While we were shooting these pictures, there were some Summer Tanagers singing like crazy right above us! I am so happy we actually got to take photos of them! They were so pretty!
Such pretty birds! and oh boy did they love to sing!

serenading Ciarra in her “pretty as a princess” Cupid dress! Cupid really must have been with us!

I love how her hair came out. It is just what I wanted! 

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  1. That dress is as beautiful as the young lady wearing it. So jealous wish I could sew, well I can there's just no telling how long it will stay together.

    Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist.

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