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Have you ever had a sewing pattern that you just totally adore, but never seem to get around to using? One that just sits there for years possibly, because you are trying to find the perfect fabric, or you get distracted with other projects? I have a few of these, which I bought ages ago it seems, before I started working on my degree in fashion design.
Well…I finally decided I am going to use one of them once and for all! Here is the pattern I am currently working with…I know many know this dress pattern….

YEP! Vogue # 8280

Ahhh yes…the copy cat dress of the famous Roland Mouret “Galaxy Dress”

Who doesn’t love this dress?? I think it is so pretty, sexy and feminine!! I love the solid colored version, but the one I cut out yesterday is a fall/winter plaid. This photo kind of sucks, but you get the point.

This is actually darker than it looks.

There is a very thin, metallic thread that runs through the red here in the plaid. If the dress turns out awesome, I just might make it again out of a deep dark green knit I have, or a raspberry pink linen I have. We shall see!!

When the dress is done, I hope there will be a nice cool day in which to shoot photos, or else I will have to hunt down a good indoor location. With the way the weather has been, I am pretty sure the outdoor photos will be the way I will go. It has been unseasonably cool here lately….but I am not complaining! We had our triple digit temps a couple of weeks ago…and I am happy to say good bye to those.

Today I also posted up The Cupid Dress at the following link parties…

I also have a couple of eyelet sundresses in the works. I have to get my butt to the fabric store to pick up a few things to get started on those. I have all my coat fabrics ready to go, but I am waiting for a couple more weeks to get started on those (two weeks) I also start school again in the first week of September.

I would love to know how many of you out there have a favorite pattern that has been in “storage” that you have never gotten around to using? What is the make and number? I hope I have inspired you to pull it out and use it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tell me all about it in the comment space below!

Time for some coffee and some breakfast!!
Have a fabulous day!
Until next post,

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