What I have been obsessing about lately…

I love summer for the warm weather, boating, sunshine and bikini’s. I love to grill, eat summer salads and fruits, and taking trips to the lake.
But always…for as long as I can remember, autumn has held a very special place in my heart. Yes, during the summer months I begin to prepare for fall by shopping clearance sales for coats and sweaters and boots. I have found some awesome deals lately. I found a fur collared coat for only 69.00 that would normally cost 188.00! I have found pretty angora and cashmere sweaters for only 20.00, that are normally 88 to 100 dollars! This is the time I stock up!
With that in mind, I also plan my fall sewing/designs. For some reason I can not get duffle/toggle coats out of my mind lately. It is driving me nuts! These coats have been around for a bit now, but I can’t help it. I love them. They are cozy, cute, and they are comforting to me. Perhaps my obsession stems from the fact that I am going through an extremely stressful process right now. Selling a home is like going through HELL. You bust your butt to make your house look fabulous (at least we do!) and then you just wait…and wait….and wait. When I am stressed I find that exercising outdoors or looking at fall pictures relaxes me. For some reason they put my mind at ease, and remind me of warmth and give me a sense of security and home. The current home in which I reside is no longer “my home” but a “product” we are trying to sell. So feelings of “homey goodness” have flown right out the window. It is like we are in limbo right now. I will be glad when this whole process is over, and we can literally move on!
If you can remember…I made a post last year with a set I made on Polyvore that had a duffle/toggle coat in it, and I obsessed about that thing! Here is the set…

Well when all was said and done, this is what I ended up making with my orange wool…

I love this coat! But alas, I did not fulfill my yearning for the duffle/toggle coat, and so I will finally be making one already! enough is enough! LOL! hahahahah
My duffle coat will end up being one of two colors, both of which are hot colors this fall. One color is a mossy dark forest green, and the other is called “Raisin”. I will probably go with the dark green. It is just what I have been leaning towards for this project.
I went online and found a ton of pics of duffle/toggle coats for research. I think I will probably make the toggles myself as well as the coat. Here are some photo’s I found during my research. I found them via Pinterest and google…

LOVE THIS! everything about it! The coat, the atmosphere, even the leaves on her shoes! FABULOUS!

I like linings that are an opposing color to the shell fabric. Nice!

cute toggles! I thought about doing this, and poof! there they are!

Bright vintage plaid

interesting toggles

I like the plaids for this…cute

Love the plaid lining!

Rope toggles. These are pretty classic and remind me of Paddington Bear.

This weekend I am going to go and pick up my sewing equipment and bring it back here. Originally the plan was to sew at my mom’s house, but with our family schedule, getting over to mom’s has proven to be a big challenge. John finally decided to get a storage unit for all our boxed up stuff in the garage, and this will allow me space to store my stuff out there. Luckily our garage is air conditioned. 
I have literally been going out of my mind not having my things where I can get at them. There is only so much cleaning and folding one can do in a day. I have been SO BORED. 
I am so excited to get to sew again. Thank goodness!!!
John also recently built a frame for me in which to paint fabric. I will be posting all about that later today, as well as some pictures of the final product! I will be making a summer dress for my first project using the frame. If this comes out well, I will be selling dresses like these.
Time for some breakfast!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
Until next post,

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  1. Hi I would really like to make this Burda coat can you tell me did it turn out true to size (matched your measurements)or did you go a size down or up

  2. I have found with the burda patterns I have used that they do run true to size. Everybody is different, so I would always make sure to fit the pattern first. I hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  3. Its just that I have measured the hip part of the pattern (size 40)and it is 126cm which is 20 cm larger than my hip measurement 103cm that seems like a huge amount of 'ease' or flare etc

  4. Thanks for the info Amy – I really like the 60's style of the coat but don't want to much flare (the photo of it in the Burda is what I would like as the end product – skimming the hips – its just that you never know if they have clipped it at the back to get a good photo of it on the model)so I think I will go down a size

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