—————————————————————————-25 days and counting!!!!—————————————————————–

Only 25 days to go and we are into a whole new season. One of sweaters and pumpkins…of hot cocoa, and sitting by the fire…one of trick or treat and giving thanks…and best of all….FALL FASHIONS!!!! I live for fall because it is a time we get to “re-invent” ourselves. We get to start fresh with a new style, look, and for me a new hairdo. It is a time of apple picking and pumpkin carving. Of snuggling up with family, and of school and making new friends.

I start my fall semester in a few days. I know I will be reading a lot for my art history class, but I have no idea what is in store for my styling class. I am hoping that this semester will not be as crazy as the last…but I am not holding my breath (I am doing that enough with selling this house) This is the last fall semester I am taking at AAU. Then after spring semester, I will be done with my degree…It will be off into the future for me.

Just a few minutes ago I was looking at some industrial machines with my husband. Once we move I will be making my “big purchase” of my sewing equipment. To start out I will most likely be using a TacSew machine, and then purchase a very nice serger. While I have a regular sewing machine, cover stitch machine, and a serger, they are not designed for making multiple garments, or heavy use. From here in the future, depending on how things go, I will most likely add more machines into the works, or actually have my garments made elsewhere. We shall see!! Only time will tell.

Today is boat day for our family, and then tomorrow we are taking Soren to the zoo. My husband just came home from the middle east, so he has a couple of days off to rest. He is a still a bit messed up from the time change, which is pretty huge.

Soon we will also be making a trip to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick apples. This time we will go during the week to avoid a lot of the DC crowd (ugh!) The orchards are situated on the side of the mountain and require a lot of hiking up steep hills, which my family loves. It made me sick when we were there last year to hear little overweight kids bitching and complaining that there were not “escalators” there !!!! SAY WHAT!!! You are a little kid! RUN and PLAY! It is sad, and just plain bad parenting to let a child get that way in the first place (but then again, the parents are obese as well!) I guess these parents don’t care if everyone in their family dies of heart disease? don’t they want better for their kids? LAME.
 When we lived in Marin county, we had hills right near our home which everyone would hike and run. Being at Carter Mountain makes me miss having mountains and hills so conveniently close by. It makes for nice tight legs and butt, plus “being on top of the world” gives you a sense of calm and zen…no wonder the Buddhist monks live on mountain tops. I totally get it.

Carter Mountain

I am looking forward to the change of seasons. I keep eyeing my sweaters with longing. I love the way I feel in a nice sweater, with a hot pair of boots…so chic and comforting. 🙂 I miss wearing my coats and hats, and bundling up with a nice scarf. It will be interesting to see what this winter brings, as we have had quite the cool summer here. We have not had a good winter since 2009. I hope this year brings some actual snow. We need the weather to get rid of some of the Jurassic mosquitos! I swear..I hate those bastards! That is why I adore BATS!!! They gobble thousands of those suckers up every night. Don’t hate bats…love them! They keep disease and painful bites to humans and pets under control!



It is time to get packed up and ready for a day on the boat with the family. I hope everyone is having a good start to the week.
Until next time,

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