My New Favorite T-Shirt…

I love a good T-shirt…not the boring fugly old crew neck boxy thing…but a nice, well cut, form fitting one. It has to be stylish, and feminine, or I am not wearing it out on the street. The boring ones are for cleaning house, or sweating in the gym ONLY.

Here is my new favorite T-Shirt…

LOVE THIS! Pair this with jeans or a skirt, cute jacket and I am good to go!

fabulous back!! Love!

I already have some fabric just like this I plan on using to make one!

Here are two more…in the “ballet” like style…

And if you want to make a cute T-shirt of your own, here are some patterns that are along the same lines as these. They are all available on the website in the patterns section! Sew away!

I would take that center seam out and make it one whole piece in the front.

Nice boatneck

I like this one! 

There are a lot of cute ideas out there for T-shirts. What is your favorite cut? Do you like long or short sleeves??

Have a great day everyone!
Until next post,

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