UPDATE…on my fabric order, and my new favorite magazine

I just have to make note that the UPS guy did come and get the mis-sent fabric that Fabric.com delivered yesterday! GOOD!! That part is taken care of, now I just need to make sure that they actually refund my money. Once they do that, I will be HAPPY.

I wanted to tell you about my new favorite “indulgence” so to speak. I love to lay in bed at night and look through “Style Watch” by People magazine. While this magazine is not new, I have only looked at  it once before. The current issue that is out is a good one. I am usually more the UK Vogue/UK Elle type of person, but I recently picked up the latest Style Watch while at Costco, and I really enjoyed it.

Current Issue on newsstands

Here are a couple of examples of some of the fun stuff included in this issue….

I LOVE that bag!! Is is of course an Alexander McQueen bag…and priced at over 2000.00. I love how they give you more affordable alternatives. Pretty cool. If I had the money to burn however, I would get the real thing.

I love stuff like this. So you can see how ToDo and how NotToDo


Sorry! This pic is blurry!! 

There is a lot more content worth looking at. Lots of great ideas and tips! I am going to get a subscription to this one for sure. It is perfect for “Me” time.

I have been working on my galaxy style dress today. I have a little more to go on it, and then I will be done. If I weren’t in such a “lazy” mood lately, the thing would have already been done. Stay tuned for the final product!

Until next post,

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