……………………………Why we love early morning outdoor exercise…………………….


Lately my daughter and I have been going on early morning runs around our neighborhood. We love going out before everyone is up and about, and the world is still sleeping or just waking up. All the birds are singing and hunting for their breakfast, and the air is calm and peaceful. It is so invigorating to wake up this way. When I start my day with exercise, I am more alert and accomplish much more during my day. It gives me the energy jolt I need to kick start all my activities into high gear.


we LOVE misty mornings!

Autumn light in the early morning is amazing

Soon we will take our runs out on the trails. We have a very large park with a expansive trail system right near our home. We are waiting for the weather to get a bit more crisp, so the bugs are not so eager to chomp on us! Once we move to our new place, we will have many more options available to us for outdoor running and biking. We look forward to it.

I love neighborhoods like this…so convenient for those who like to walk or jog



I love autumn air….

I would love for the paths near my house to look like this.

YES! perfection

ahhhh misty autumn morning!

When we return home from our runs, we make our breakfast which usually consists of a shake, oatmeal, or an open faced pumpernickel sandwich made with Norwegian lox with whipped cream cheese and tomatoes. We also include fruit of some sort with all of these things. To top it off we have hot tea or sometimes, if the mood strikes us, a cup of hot chocolate!

Has anyone tried this? I must give it a taste! how easy!

Running out in nature beats a treadmill any day, and I would go as far as to say it can’t even compete! When you jog outdoors, time passes faster, and you also have things like wind resistance to deal with, which also makes you work harder, yet it feels like fun! You have nature to look at as you travel down the road or trail. It clears your head of the endless crap we are bombarded with day after day, and it lifts the spirits. Often the best ideas, and solutions to problems come to those in the middle of a jog or run. It really does do a body good.


I highly recommend early morning outdoor exercise to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog, or run…or even do a combo of all three (like HITT) just do it! Your body and mind will thank you.

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