This is my 300th blog post! Insert the obvious abs driven “This is Sparta!” comment here….only one more appropriate for this blog….

LOL!! whoever made this…I applaud you! I cracked up when I found it!

This is just scary funny!

What is love??baby don’t hurt me!!…or rather,  don’t kick me into an abyss!

OK…now that I have had a few giggles…on to blog stuff….

I have finished my jumper and am sewing together my sweater today. It should come together fast, so hopefully I can shoot the pics of the completed outfit tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on that.

The next thing I will be putting together are two blouses, and a jacket. I have a list of things I am making, and I will be checking off each one as I complete them. As of right now I plan on making two things at a time.

It looks like this semester is going to be a fun one. I know I have a bit of writing to do for my history class, but I love learning about art history. It’s totally fascinating and very inspiring. My kids sit thorough my lessons with me, and my son has just started painting pictures…not finger paint stuff, but actually employing techniques that various artists through history used. Right now the painting he is working on is a landscape, and based on the method that Georges Seurat used in creating his works of art…

I have a busy week ahead with school, sewing and getting packed and ready for our mini vacation. I hope to complete all my school work in the next 3 or 4 days, so I have a couple of days to just get ready for the trip. The first week is usually a more mellow one, so I hope this all works out for my time constraints.

I posted up my Galaxy Dress on the following link parties today…

It’s back to work for me on my sweater!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
Until next post,

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