Autumn Blouse completed…pictures coming soon!

I have completed my “Autumn Leaves” blouse, and will be taking photo’s of it while at the lake this coming week. Most likely I will shoot the pics on Monday or Tuesday. John will be processing them and then I will post them from the house on the lake.
Today I was able to wear “Fall Attire” while visiting the Barque Eagle down in Portsmouth, VA. My hubby wanted to take us to see it, as we have never been aboard. It’s such a beautiful ship!
The Barque Eagle, “America’s Tall Ship”
I love the light posts in Portsmouth

Right now I am coveting an orange skirt I came across online…I love the way it looks with the top, only I am soooo NOT into crop tops! If that top was longer, I would like it a lot more. Crop tops are way too “Kelly Bundy”for my taste….remember her?
YEAH…I already lived through this trend once…I am so not going there again. I am not 18 years old…hell…even my 18 year old won’t go there! LOL

Here is the skirt I love…
I love the color…I like the fabric for the top…I just don’t like the length of the top…
I think I will make my own. It is a rather simple skirt, and can be put together in an hour or so. I love the color, and I am not afraid to wear it. Tis the season for orange after all!! LOL
I need to get packing! I have the rest of tomorrow to get ready for a week with my family and our boat at the lake house! YES!!! While I still have to log into school, I will be happy to get away for a few days.
Keep posted for my Autumn Leaves blouse, shot on location! YAY!
Until next post,

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